Friday, June 17, 2011

from flabby to curvylicious!!

Salam uolss..

Its about the end of friday weekend ni ape plan uolls??

Arini shidah nak share testimonial from my client aka my good fren from kemaman,terengganu...look at her pic before and after..

this is her before wearing PB

once dah pakai...tadaaa!!see..curvy u!

side view..lentik lagi hahaha

and she did bbm me after a week dah boleh cangkuk bengkung yg no 2..meaning perut dah kecik sket dah tu..and buasir dah totally gone!! She also said PB ni selesa sgt2..bole buat keje..tak macam corset lain sesak nafas...Alhamdulillah...Happy dapat tolong my fren to get back her shape..

ramai yg dah pakai PB ni and satisfied.ini bukan testimonial yg dibuat2
so pada sape2 yg tak tau PB ni ape and baru2 dgr tu
PB is Premium Beautiful Corset

it can help u to...........

** Shape your body back from "flabby here and there" to more solid figure....!!
** reduce strech mark and cellulite...!!
** reduce backpain and slip disc
** very good for those in confinement and breastfeeding!!
** for those yang nak kawen....cepat2 pakai PB...nampak body terletak and cantik je....:))
** yang nak try conceive...insyaAllah...salah satu dari ikhtiar....
** reduce period pain and betulkan cycle org yg irregular period...
** masalah keputihan
** sembelit/buasir
** and of course it will help u to loose your weight if u put on this corset consistently......!!! 8 hours a day..the result akan nampak in just few weekss...!! smartest slimming diet..
u won't regret every single penny u spent on this me! It's worth investment ever!
Call/sms me for consultation and free fitting!!!

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